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All the air baths that are featured in the site are suitable whether you are redesigning your bathroom or planning a brand new bathroom suite.

We have an extensive choice of models available of air baths. Air baths provide hydrotherapy experiences, which aid against Arthritic Ailments, Stress Relief, muscular tension and many other symptoms .
With innovative designs and shapes air baths are a must for people who like to come home and relax. Pre-warmed air bubbles...soothe your body and mind with the therapeutic benefits of massage.

The restorative and healing properties of water and massage have been recognized for centuries. Today, Hydrotherapy is widely recognized as a therapy that combines both of these to naturally help your body help itself.

Air Bath Air Baths - Airbaths that are designed to give that complete relaxing bathing sensation.
Aqua Jet Baths Whirlpool Baths - Enjoy the bathing experience as it should be with water jets that give that therapeutic experience.
Acrylic and Steel Baths Acrylic Baths - See a selection of different bath shapes for every bathroom
Easy Access Baths Easy Access Baths - Ideal for elderly people and less able people
Cast Iron Baths Cast Iron Baths - traditional and contemporary baths make a wonderful combination in your bathroom.
Bathroom Suites Bathroom Suites - Modern or traditional why not have a bathroom that makes a statement.
Bathr Bathroom Furniture - A delightful mixture of contemporary bathroom furniture.
Basins Basins - Contemporary and designer basins squared and oval.
Mobility Products Mobility Products - Mobility products designed to aid peoples needs.
Taps Taps - Modern taps will make all the difference to the look of your bathroom
Lighting Lighting - A stylish selection of bathroom lighting
Waste Waste - Waste and Fittings


Whirlpool baths give you that ultimate relaxing bath

New Airbaths

Air Bath Jubilee
Airbath Calypso
Airbath Krest

The Kelso Airbath

The Krest Airbath

Airbath Buxton
Airbath Lotis

The Buxton Airbath

The Lotis Airbath

Air Bath Raphael
Airbath Tiepolo
Ashcot Air Bath Airbath Ryal

The Airbath Ashcot



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